Integrative Anatomy Student Association

The purpose of the Integrative Anatomy Student Association is to promote intellectual exchange among students, faculty, scholars, and the broader public. We emphasize research in Anatomy through attendance of regional, national, and international conferences, and sharing our knowledge and research though community outreach.


We're all about understanding how the body functions. Whether that body belongs to a dinosaur, a mouse, or a person, we want to know more about how it works, and how it evolved. Take a look at our research in the 'Students and Research' tab.



Outreach is our favorite part of what we do! We love the chance to share our knowledge and research with the public. Check out the Outreach tab to see where we'll be exciting people about science next!


Sending our students around the country to scientific conferences costs a lot of money. If you'd like to support our student research efforts, see the Fundraising page to find out how you can help.